Established in 2017, Irawo formerly known as House of Irawo is a Nigerian-based women's wear brand founded by a family of women who understand the power of communicating individuality through clothing. Clothes are one of the most intimate items next to our skin and as a result, are an extension of our identities.  

At Irawo we design investment pieces that feature an array of colors and textures that cater to women who are unapologetically blazing their own trail. We believe in making clothes that you can wear for years.

Irawo pieces reinforce the best part of who we are and hope to be. Each piece is made with integrity and kindness by skilled artisans.

To celebrate our 3rd year in business, we have decided to undergo a major shift within the brand. We look forward to introducing new aesthetics and visual presentations to capture what Irawo stands for. 

We look forward to releasing collections that inspire and strongly reflect our identity and joy of being proudly African. 

Thank you for joining us on our journey.