Lesotho Fashion week lives up to expectations

MASERU – Lesotho Fashion Week turned out to be one big event last weekend, having been graced with different designers from seven countries.

Lesotho, Botswana, Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and the United States of America took part in Lesotho Fashion Week.

Lesotho fashion week organizer Mahali Granier Ntoampe, explained that the fashion week was influenced by her realization of how the fashion industry in Paris contributes significantly to the economy of France. This was when she moved to France.

She was then motivated to come back home to help Lesotho fashion designers to improve their craft with the aim for international exposure and consequently sales.

“Once the collections have been showcased I always take one designer and introduce them to Paris fashion week so they try and create sustainable businesses. As a young Mosotho woman, I noticed how Paris designers make a living out of fashion so I thought why don’t I bring the same spirit back home as one of fashion designers to motivate my country’s designers,’’ said Ntoape.

Ntoape noted her inspiration comes from African designers especially living in France. She said they have a lot of creativity and are inspired by the African Culture. “They are not represented as standalone designers hence I also want Lesotho designers to take ownership of their designs,” she added.

In an interview with Informative Arts & Lifestyle Former Miss Face of Lesotho Mojabeng Senekal Ndebele who was the MC of Lesotho Fashion week, expressed her excitement to be part of the event. Ndebele mentioned in the past Basotho knew fashion week as something that only existed in the United States of America and Paris. “We never thought we would have our own fashion week, I am excited,” she said.

Fashion designers Abby Ikomi and her daughter Dola Ikomi from Nigeria, Lagos expressed their happiness in taking part in Lesotho fashion week. Abby noted fashion has always been her passion, ‘from a very young age.

I have always loved fashion. It is something that comes naturally to me and I started my brand at 48 years. I tried different careers until I realized that they are just not for me so I decided to put my heart into fashion, which is something I love. So when we saw the advert online about the Lesotho fashion week me and my daughter thought let us take this opportunity and apply to showcase what we have,’’ said Abby.



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