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Lesotho Fashion week lives up to expectations

MASERU – Lesotho Fashion Week turned out to be one big event last weekend, having been graced with different designers from seven countries.Lesotho, Botswana, Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and the United States of America took part in Lesotho Fashion Week. Lesotho fashion week organizer Mahali Granier Ntoampe, explained that the fashion week was influenced by her realization of how the fashion industry in Paris contributes significantly to the economy of France. This was when she moved to France.She was then motivated to come back home to help Lesotho fashion designers to improve their craft with the aim for international exposure and consequently sales.“Once the collections have been showcased I always take one designer and introduce them to Paris fashion...

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ARISE Fashion Week 2018: House Of Irawo Runway Debut Expresses The Stages Of Femininity With Shee

As Featured In As featured on Style Rave Sheer embroidered lace, décolletage, metallic fabric and floral attachments graced the runway as the House of Irawo presented its debut collection last week at the Arise Fashion week showcase. As the pieces flooded the runway it was clear that the idea for this collection was a simple yet refined expression of the stages femininity. The designer paid homage to the female body in a subtle yet grand way being that this was their debut on the runway and the vibe was just right for a first entry. The House of Irawo collection, from observation, retained the balance between fragile and chic morphing each piece into something any stylish woman would want to...

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